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About the Blog

VIAEvolution, a blog that will provide insights into VIA Rail’s transformation as explained by its managers. Through VIAEvolution, we will strive to provide first-hand accounts of how and why certain decisions – commercial, operational, strategic or financial – are being made. This blog adds to the on-going passenger and stakeholder dialogue initiated in 2011, through the launch of VIA’s Facebook page and Twitter presence

This blog will be hosted by the VIA executive responsible for its social media strategy. Various members of management will provide comments, opinions and insights on VIA’s day-to-day workings. In addition, you can expect to see a wide variety of content shared here, from interviews and editorial pieces, to photos and videos.

We will continue to share interesting promotions and introduce new products and features through our website and our social media profiles, like TwitterFacebook and Youtube. For this blog, we plan on posting every Thursday. We are also planning to hold discussions on Twitter, on a regular basis, using the hashtag #VIAevolution.

About VIA Rail Canada

VIA Rail Canada operates the national passenger rail service on behalf of the Government of Canada. An independent Crown Corporation established in 1977, the company provides Canadians with safe, efficient and environmentally responsible public transportation. VIA consistently ranks as one of the most trusted transportation companies in Canada. In Leger Marketing’s 2010 Top 100 Companies in Canada survey, VIA outranked every other transportation company.

VIA operates up to 497 trains weekly on 12,500 kilometres of track, and serves 450 communities across the country, from coast to coast and north to Hudson Bay. VIA carried over 4 million passengers in 2010.

VIA’s fleet includes 396 passenger cars and 78 active locomotives. In addition to 159 railway stations, VIA operates four modern maintenance facilities, and employs some 3,000 people. While VIA owns 223 kilometres of track, most of the infrastructure used by the passenger service is owned and managed by the freight railways, including ten different national and short-line operators.

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