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Bloggers on-board the Ocean discuss their experience

August 23rd 2012 by Steve Del Bosco

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With the rise of social networking, consumers always prefer a recommendation from someone they know than a message that sounds more like advertisement. So, rather than tell you about what an extraordinary experience traveling on our Ocean train is, we offered three bloggers and their children the chance to ride from Montreal to Halifax.


We are the first to say it, but one of the most beautiful experiences offered by the train most certainly includes admiring the most beautiful landscapes while enjoying good company. And it was to experience this that our three bloggers, Marie-Julie Gagnon from Montreal, Sandra Bellefoy from Quebec City and Marci O’Connor from Toronto accepted our invitation and traveled by train the 1346 kilometers separating them from Halifax.


Our travelers naturally expressed surprise at the comfort of the cabins and the activities available to travelers, and their feedback has been well received by our followers on Twitter and Facebook, who replied or reposted photos and feedback. Thanks to the #VIAOcean hashtag, it was possible to follow their expedition and see photos and read tweets about their experience. They sent some 135 tweets containing #VIAOcean during their journey which were read by tens of thousands of users.


In Halifax, they were met by Destination Halifax who had prepared, in cooperation with VIA, a complete program for our bloggers.


Marie-Julie Gagnon, a travel journalist for several publications, recounted in En Transit the fulfilling experience they had thanks to the Onboard Entertainment program and published a post entitled “Halifax-Montréal en clichés Instagram” on her blog. Sandra Bellefoy, a technology and travel journalist, told us about her trip in Chroniques ferroviaires sur l’Océan, a post that shows just how pleasant the experience is with children.


You can follow our invited bloggers’ on their Twitter accounts: @beingmarci, @Etolane @technomade


Being Marci ( should post an entry soon.


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Steve Del Bosco
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