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Five foodies taste the new menu on board the Canadian

July 26th 2012 by Steve Del Bosco

First of all, I wish to inform you that if you’re feeling peckish, you should avoid reading this post! I can guarantee it will whet your appetite and make your mouth water. In fact, on July 6, VIA Rail Canada invited five Canadian bloggers to come and taste the new menu served on its transcontinental train, the Canadian. These bloggers are unconditional lovers of fine cuisine, known as foodies, and they have traveled the world in search of different and delicious dining experiences.

The new menu adventure started in December 2011. Martin Gemme issued a challenge to VIA Rail’s Head Chefs : the Menu Creation Challenge. Starting with an impressive selection of Canadian ingredients, chosen by Martin himself, the chefs had to put together a multitude of recipes. Ultimately, a delicious menu of local flavours emerged.

For more information on this menu, please visit the blogs and listen to comments from bloggers who have had the chance to try it. There you will find many details about their trip and photos of various dishes:

Valerie Howes, of Toronto, writes the Readers Digest Open Kitchenblog, her post is called Oh Canada!

Martine Pagé, of Montreal, writes the Ni vu, ni connublog, she shares her experience in her post Gastronomie à bord du Canadien

Dustin Gilman, of Montreal, writes two blogs: Food Guy Montreal and Street Food Montreal. He recalls his experiences aboard the Canadian in his post My Trip Across Canada Through VIA Rail’s “The Canadian”. He shares numerous photos, and you can discover the dishes, menu, wines, scenery, train interior, etc.

Mayssam Samaha, of Montreal, tells us about her adventure in her post From Toronto to Vancouver, across Canada on Via Rail’s The Canadian in her blog Will Travel for Food. She also discussed about her trip aboard the Canadian with Franco Nuovo on the radio show Dessine-moi un dimanche on the Première Chaîne de Radio-Canada. You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

Jean-François Frenette, of Quebec City, is a photographer and a blogger. On his blog,, you’ll find many photos, each one more appetizing than the last, of the many dishes offered during his trip.

With that, I can only wish you a good journey … and bon appétit!

What about you? Have you boarded the Canadian since we began to offer the new menu?  Tell us about your experience and send us your photos.

About Steve Del Bosco

Steve Del Bosco
Steve Del Bosco joined VIA Rail Canada in 1978. Today, as Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Steve oversees all marketing and sales components and is also in charge of Customer Relations, Revenue Management and Pricing, and Business Development and Network Planning.
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