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The e-ticketing project is underway!

July 19th 2012 by Denis Pinsonneault

If you travel aboard our trains between Montreal and Quebec City, you probably have noticed that on July 3, VIA Rail introduced its e-ticketing service. And if you think it was about time, we totally agree with you! Yet, the e-ticket only became commonplace in 2008 in the airline industry. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common throughout the transportation industry (rail, bus, boat, etc.) and in the entertainment industry (movie theaters, concert venues, etc.). To learn more about our e-ticket, you can visit the “Transformation” section of our website for more details on this program.

One thing is certain, we have turned to this technology to better meet the needs of our travellers. There are several ways to get your e-ticket when you travel with VIA Rail: by booking by phone (1 888 VIA-RAIL), on our website at, or on your smart phone at What this means is that you no longer need to go to the ticket counter. Just show your e-ticket directly on your smartphone or print it from a computer before boarding the train. Moreover, you can visit our YouTube page to see firsthand how the e-ticket actually works when you travel with VIA Rail.

You don’t travel between Montreal and Quebec City, but are eager to take advantage of our e-ticketing service? Don’t worry! This service will be available throughout the Quebec City – Windsor Corridor by mid-August, and throughout the rest of our network by the end of the year.

In the meantime, you can always read Michelle Haag’s blog entry ( about our new e-ticketing program.

And, if you have already experienced our e-tickets, we would be glad to hear from you!

About Denis Pinsonneault

Denis Pinsonneault
As Chief Customer Experience Officer, Denis Pinsonneault is in charge of activities directly related to customer experience within stations and on board trains. He also supervises Real Estate to ensure synergy between those who do station maintenance and those who work in stations. Moreover, he oversees Customer Advocacy Teams, which ensure the regular exchange of information as well as consistency of customer experience support activities.
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