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It’s about time… the total cost of travel

February 23rd 2012 by Yves Desjardins-Siciliano

Two weeks ago, airlines started to publish the total cost of their tickets, including taxes, fees, charges and surcharges. Basically, airlines are catching up to what VIA Rail has been doing all along.

But there is more to the cost of travel than the price of a ticket and associated fees. There is also the cost of travelling to and from terminals and, the value of your time.  When one considers all three elements, VIA Rail is almost always the best choice for same-day travel between Montreal-Quebec, Montreal-Ottawa, Toronto-Kingston, Toronto-London and, overnight travel between Toronto-Ottawa and Toronto-Montreal.

With regard to the price of tickets, VIA Rail’s all-in fares are consistently lower, in all classes of service, compared to any other all-in fares.

And with regard to the cost of travel to and from terminals, VIA Rail’s downtown locations and convenient suburban stations make for low ground transportation costs (eg. public transit, taxi fares).

It is also a great way to avoid congested highways, road construction and the parking nightmare while saving on gas and reducing your carbon footprint.

Finally, the cost of time is where VIA Rail’s service is far more advantageous than either car or air travel if you consider the total time of travel, from door to door and, more importantly, the value of your time.

Conveniently-located terminals and simple boarding procedures make it fast and easy to travel. There are no shuttles or ferries to catch and no long rides to terminals where multiple line-ups await. All you have to do is get to a downtown or suburban station, hop on-board and enjoy the ride!

Once on-board a VIA Rail train, passengers can work, surf or chat using a world-class mobile Wi-Fi system; enjoy premium food and beverages; sit, stand or walk around in comfort; bring along their baggage; and throughout their trip, receive quality customer service. Time spent on-board a VIA Rail train is time well spent for work, leisure, downtime, chat time or, all of the above.

Yes, in some cases, train travel time may be equal to, or a bit longer than driving or flying. But, when you travel by train, your travel time becomes productive time, useful time, quality time, an uninterrupted block of time.

Choosing to travel on VIA Rail means choosing to pay less, for downtown to downtown service, while having a better, more productive, more human travel experience. It’s about time!


About Yves Desjardins-Siciliano

Yves Desjardins-Siciliano
Yves Desjardins-Siciliano was appointed President and CEO of VIA Rail in May, 2014. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Desjardins-Siciliano was the Corporation's Chief Corporate & Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary. He has over 30 years’ experience in legal, regulatory and government relations, business and corporate development, marketing communications and finance. Past President of the Canadian Bar Association, Quebec Division, Mr. Desjardins-Siciliano was also Chief of Staff to the federal Minister of Labour and Minister of State for Transport from 1989 to 1991.
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  1. linda permalink

    its such a tradgey of the lost of your employees,and speed is now the factor, i take the via canadian to edmonton from toronto at least 4 times a year, does that mean since u will have a big law suite against you , that the prices are going to go up, if so, ill have to fly, thank you and R.I.P to the employees that lost there life, also my deepest sympathy to there families

  2. Dan Fraser permalink

    In Belgium I was able to travel over a hundred kilometers on a train for $7.50. I didn’t have to buy tickets in advance, I didn’t have to line up to board, I just stood on the platform and stepped on the train when the doors opened. The trains ran every hour and departed and arrived on time.

    This is how local train travel should be.

    You shouldn’t be competing with the airlines, you should be competing with the car and the bus.

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